Thomas King


My love for the creative arts began in high school. I worked for a small local bank; nearby there was a photography studio and camera shop. I would often stop in after work and look at the equipment for sale and talk with the owner who shared with me his stories and his work. The more I stopped in, the more fascinated I was with photography. I purchased my first camera and began taking photos everywhere I went. I even joined the school newspaper and took photos for the yearbook. I enjoy the “hunt” for the unique image or perspective. I cannot even begin to imagine how many images I have captured since that first purchase. My passion for capturing moments still continues today, although I have to make the time between work and family, I will load up my car with digital and film cameras, a tripod and take the time to practice my craft.

My current career path began in 2009 with an extended layoff from my full time job in customer service. During my search for a new position my wife suggested I return to college and complete my college degree. Her question to me was “If you could do anything you wanted for a living what would it be” my answer was to work in a creative position. At the time I was very involved in our church in setting the worship environment creating short videos from activities and setting up the slides used during worship to project song lyrics and announcements. I learned of the Multimedia technologies degree at Rasmussen College, enrolled and the rest is now history.

I still reside a short 20 minute drive from that camera shop (although the camera shop has moved) with my wife and two children who keep me busy helping with their activities, I am an assistant soccer coach for my daughters team and a merit badge councilor with my sons Boy Scout troop. I continue to be active in ministry leading a praise band and serving on the media team where my skills have developed far beyond the basic content I created when I began this journey.

I am currently searching for a career in design, either in print, or multimedia.




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